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Our Philosophy

St Marks Preschool and Long Day Care Centre


St Mark’s opened their doors in 1974 in a disused church hall commencing as a sessional Pre School for 25 children.

During the mid 1990’s we began providing Long Day Care. In 1998, the Centre was rebuilt to include two purpose built playrooms and caters for 44 children a day offering both Pre School & Long Day Care.

In 2018, we added a third playroom and increased the Centre’s placements to 59 per day.

Our Philosophy

We at St Marks commit ourselves to provide a safe, nurturing, caring, environment, where children can grow to their full potential spiritually and developmentally. We believe that children will best achieve this in a warm, friendly, secure and safe environment based on Christian values. We believe that all children are a gift from God and require a positive approach in guidance and behaviour management.

We are consistently encouraging appropriate behaviour through positive reinforcement. Such guidance encourages the child’s individuality and confidence and enhances their self-esteem. We aim in developing and having acceptance that Australia is a multi-cultural society where children belong to variety of different family backgrounds and cultures. Practicing anti-bias principles, activities and experiences as well as promoting friendships and teamwork amongst the children. We believe that staff and parents form a team, supporting each other in the care and development of the child. Mutual respect and open communication are essential to ensure enhanced outcomes for each child.

We aim to assist all children to develop a greater awareness and understanding of nature, and world around them, through stimulating, interesting explorative, hands-on activities, excursions, presentations and active play. Whilst having highly qualified staff with a commitment to providing individualised care for your child, we also have the largest playground in town!

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