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Our Philosophy

St Marks Preschool and Long Day Care Centre


St Mark’s opened their doors in 1974 in a disused church hall commencing as a sessional Pre School for 25 children.

During the mid 1990’s we began providing Long Day Care. In 1998, the Centre was rebuilt to include two purpose built playrooms and caters for 44 children a day offering both Pre School & Long Day Care.

In 2018, we added a third playroom and increased the Centre’s placements to 59 per day.

Our Philosophy

We at St. Mark's commit ourselves to provide a safe, welcoming, inviting, inclusive space for children to feel capable and competent to explore, learn, create and be. We believe that children will best achieve this in a warm, friendly, secure and safe environment based on Christian values and on a vital relationship with God and one another.

We believe that all children are a unique and special gift from God. Faith in Jesus Christ is an integral component of our staff's care. As Educators, we believe engaging in positive, responsive, and meaningful interactions with children builds secure, trusting relationships and a sense of belonging. We are available for the children to genuinely listen to their ideas, acknowledge their feelings, to provide comfort and support and enjoy their company.

We commit ourselves to implement the Early Years Learning Framework. We believe children learn through play. We believe children need a sense of connection with others to support the development of their identity and social and emotional competence. As Educators, we promote and model positive ways to relate to others.

We will encourage the development of a disposition for learning including curiosity, concentration, and persistence. We will foster an understanding of the reciprocal rights and responsibilities of belonging to a community; build resilience and skills of self-regulation.

We believe consideration of the cultural background of the families contributes to children's sense of identity and belonging within the Centre. We encourage children of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds to be actively involved in making decisions, thinking creatively, displaying a sense of agency and building relationships. We believe that collaborative partnerships with families are essential in supporting the overall wellbeing of the children within our care. Meaningful, respectful, and supportive relationships with families contribute to quality outcomes for each child.

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